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Bank Crisis? What Crisis?

    “Gee Honey – where the hell is that ol’ Barclays Casino they’re all talkin’ about?!”

“Canary Wharf… Sodom and Gomorrah… Barclays… Babylon… Tower Of Babel…”


 “Mummy, when I grow up I want to play banking for England.”

“Ladies and gentlemen as the result of extraordinary circumstances we are today able to offer for sale – the BOB Diamond.   It’s an exceptionally hard, somewhat opaque stone which obscures as much as it reveals.  Despite some grievous knocks recently it has held on to its value extremely well through a rehearsed process of damage limitation.  As an investment for the future it’s as safe as the Bank of England although there has been some inevitable tarnish to its lustre.  The big question remains whether we want – or will be able – to keep this totally precious gem on this side of the Atlantic?  What am I bid?”


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