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                         The First Line Of Defence

“Good Morning – Clarke, Clarke, Clarke, Clarke and Wilson Associates.”

“Ah, good morning – this is Phil Johnson of Onetech – could I have a word with Mr Clarke please?”

“Good morning Mr Johnson – excuse me, but is that senior or junior?”

 “I’m not sure… John Clarke?”

“John senior or Jon junior?”

“Er, I don’t know – I met him in a hurry yesterday at the financial marketing convention in town but he was finishing up and had run out of business cards.”

“Ah that’ll be J-o-n junior then… he spells it differently to avoid confusion.”

“Good – can I talk to him then please?”

“Sorry, he’s in a meeting…”

“How about Mr Clarke senior then?”

“Sorry, he’s never here these days…”


“Yes, more of a figurehead now he’s semi-retired…probably on the golf course as we speak…”

“Er; alright – how about the other Mr Clarke?”

“Sorry, that would be Miss Clarke…”

“Miss Clarke?”

“Yes, she’s Mr Clarke’s daughter.”

“Junior or senior?”


“Oh, I thought…”

 “Yes I know… you wouldn’t believe he had a grown up daughter, would you?”

“Well, can I talk to her – put her in the picture about what we discussed briefly yesterday?”

“Sorry, she’s on maternity leave.”

“Right… could I then possibly speak to…”

“Mrs Clarke?”

“Mrs Clarke?”

“Yes – Mrs Clarke.”

“Will she be able to take my call?!”

“No, sorry – she’ll be on the golf course as well with Mr Clarke.”

“Oh right,  that’s Mrs Clarke wife of Mr Clarke senior – yeh?”

“Yes.  Mr Clarke junior lost his wife a couple of years back.”

“Oh… I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay you weren’t to know…”

“Er thanks ; er, so I guess that leaves Mr?  Mrs? Miss? Ms Wilson?”

“That’s Mr Wilson.”

“Can I please speak to him then… maybe he can help; as I say it’s just a general point from my meeting with John – sorry J-o-n – yesterday?”

“Sorry, he’s not available.”


“He’s a partner in name only since the divorce.”


“Yes, he was Miss Clarke’s husband.”

“Miss Clarke?”

“Oh yes, she wouldn’t take on her husband’s name – too independent by half that one – takes after her grandfather.  Anyway she said it would make it too confusing if she did.”

“Er right – I’ll ring back later then… tomorrow or the end of the week – if that’s okay?”

“Of course… I’ll let Mr Clarke know you rang.”


Of course!”

“Thanks for your help, er Miss?”

“Mrs… Mrs Wilson.”


“No relation – just one of those happy coincidences that life throws up.”

“Right;  okay; er, thanks for your help…”

“That’s okay Mr Johnson – my pleasure – that’s what I’m here for.  Have a good day: Bye!”


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