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yes graffitti 


The three-letter word with a dictionary of meaning.

One syllable that’s fill-able without posture or preening.

A positive chorus.ThumbsUp

The one-word thesaurus.

Yes once said is highly contagious.

It can be flippant or thoughtful; or sometime outrageous.

Or convey bold intention – innately courageous.

It’s the original viral.  Initiator and kindling.  Of social forest fire.  Of past sins rescinding.  Smoke signal of action or pot-stirring text.  It has an eye on the future: the big question – what’s next?

Yes is you exercising free will – take a bite from the apple – say no to life’s bill.  It’s joy made manifest.  Being up for the test.  It’s farewell to equivocation.  A time to leave behind the rest.

Wave goodbye to the agonised wait.  The… is it too late?  The swaying, the leaning; the guess at the meaning.  Of life; philosophy; metaphor…

And dreaming.

Cut the tyranny of the um and the ahh – it’s of vision – the horizon stretching…

And seeing how far.

Drive around – or drive through – obstruction and block.  The naysayers and doom-mongers will reel from the shock.

It’s move over hesitation – the subconscious’ middle-man.

Yes gives you the bottle to open the can.

As you bend to your will flush him straight down the pan.

You the woman!Smiley Face

And you the man!

Say no more to the status quo.  Life’s tour seems endless if it’s always a no.

Yes rocks all over the world.  So don’t accept the flack.  You’re composer not soundtrack to stripping it back.

It’s all about accepting the risk – not confining your experience to computer or disk.

Go on… big yourself up!  Resignation’s for no-marks and those sold a pup.

Yes is a mantra.  A train on a track.  Keep saying it undaunted: keep up the attack.

Yes is the sound of affirmative action.

Yes takes your long-term hopes out of traction.

Yes is all that is certain in our negative space.  It’s glue, fuel and landscape to our great human race.

Yes is all-embracing; profoundly worth chasing; it jump leads your system and sets the heart racing.  It oils the wheels and it does the deals.  It’s about striving – keep going – to the end of the road.  Keep on trucking and carry that load.

Yes opens doors and opens minds.

Yes is a key to all you wish to find.

Yes lets your chickens out of the coop – keeps people onside – and inside the loop.

Yes makes friends and influences people.  From temple, synagogue and mosque to cathedral and steeple.  It’s the acceptance of who you are and the ignition of faith.  Secular or religious it’s finding a place.

Yes is togetherness: inclusive; conclusive.  Say it twice and it’s doubly effusive.

Yes is democracy and allegiance to swear.  No is the curse that keeps us (no)where?

Yes is the positive and the progressive.

Yes is the adrenalin – the epitome of say when.

The breaking out of the holding pen.yes graphic

It’s confidence bursting to the power of ten.

There’s no truck with concepts of falling or stalling.

Your shining self production – for moaners is galling.

No entertaining grimace or groan – otherwise ideas are left bereft – to die starved of oxygen: quiet and twitching; alone.

Yes is facilitator – I’ll definitely see you later.  It bends the bars to a prison of conscience.  It’s bread and water and all manna of sustenance.

Yes is rapture and capture.  It’s ambition unfolding; not gentle but forceful – with synapses exploding.

Yes is priapic.  It’s the sweetest desire.  It’s ideas erect.  It’s theories in practice.  It’s pregnant with possibilities, obese with potential  – and fat with a broad grin.  You can win.  No more harsh diet or ego spread thin on the daily bread of turmoil that’s resident within.

Yes isn’t the brain’s lapdog or functional pet it’s the frontal lobe in action – an advanced chemistry set.

Yes is a celebration.

Yes distributes joy and goodwill.Fabregas celebrates

Yes is a world of opportunity.

Yes is the start of a long-term relationship.

Yes is the sound of a person moving on.

They say you can’t take it with you so pick up the slack…

Yes is luggage not burden and you can’t take it back.  Once said out loud: you can’t help but be proud…  The cat’s out the bag; the monkey’s off your back; the geese have flown and you’ve been shown the promised land not made of sand that drains through the egg-timer that ticks off the days and limits the rays of the sun on your skin as you take it all in and stand on the shore wrong side of the door and watch it go by and the meanings all fly to a span lived by proxy in a house built on foundations of another person’s lie.

When you change life’s settings then everything will stack.  Make Yes your default mode – send the rest to the recycle bin – and from a deep place within let your best smile crack.

Consider peaceful internal reflection: a deep karmic OM

For Yes has the power of a meditative bomb.

Yes is a moment of crossing the border.

Yes is a new life and creates a new order.  It’s accepting the bet.  It’s success you’ve got coming but have still to embrace yet.

It’s yo, yay, right-on, no problem, no sweat and other colloquial expressions not quite invented.  The ultimate pick-me-up if your confidence is dented.

It’s chaser and snifter; elixir and cure.  It’s mainline the big vein.  It’s faith-healer of yore.  Solace to the broken, the battered and sore…

And casualty department when your chin’s on the floor.

Yes is the blood flow; the serotonin: the proverbial mother hen.  Let her flap and cluck and remove the oppressive shuck that leaves you feeling everything relies on bad luck.  Get to the core of your existence and realise your fate put Yes on speed-dial and keep making the date.  Even when your heart is sinking…  Drink from the glass half-full and drown yourself in the intoxication of positive thinking.  Don’t stutter, or mutter; or be overcome by a blush.  Go out all guns blazing and enjoying the rush.

Yes is the dopamine: the life deep-clean.  The drug without fug or painful withdrawal.  It’s the travelling companion that you want in life’s waiting room as you queue for the long-haul.

Yes is the best new year resolution.   Though any time of year it’s the ultimate solution.  Get beyond the chores, the chaos; the demeaning.  Scratch the seven-year itch; stir up the metaphorical irrigation ditch when your life’s a bitch…

And create significance and meaning.

Yes is the now, the next and the when.  No more considering pinched and mean…YES

Or perfunctory again.

Yes is a short word with the longest of memory.  It’s no elephant in the room even as you walk in Gethsemane.  It reverberates in life but also in death.  It is never too late no matter what’s left.

Yes is the closest relative to success.

No… is the inbred abortion of a mind’s worst contortion that prevents recognition of what’s right for your condition causes sweats in the night and produces dark forms of stress.

Yes is congress; the forward press.  Don’t digress – or be tempted by scorn as…

Yes is the sound of ideas being born.

Yes is the Daddy! The mother; the baby.  No christening ceremony for if only, but, or maybe.

Yes says… Life?  Be in it!  I can win it!

Yes says I will participate. I can be great.

Yes is the ball hitting the back of the net.  It can be the starting line, the finish or just a path being set.HarrySally

Yes is the outcome of When Harry Met Sally.  It’s the innate drive that’s right up the world’s alley.

Yes is spring when the sap is rising: planting a seed to become a big hitter.

No is a demoralising splinter  – of nuclear winter – a cold cheerless wind that just shuffles the litter.

Yes is the obstacle race about face.  It floats your boat and drains the moat.

Yes is the egg and the spoon.  The soul food.  For the coolest dude.  Top kerbside appeal; the heartiest of meal.  Swallow and savour for its wonderful flavour.

Yes is profane, propitious: delicious.  It’s declaration of now – immediate…

And how!

There’s no sane reason to feel any sorrow as Yes gives you leave to live for tomorrow.  As songwriter’s say… no yesterday either when all seems so far away and declare no regret for not living today.  Chuck off the manacles of habit and rut.  It’s a tyranny of inaction that keeps your future tight shut.yes-logo1

Yes means it’s time to face all the music.  Jump to the beat any old way you choose it.

Yes is pumped and primed: naked ambition laid bare – no use later wishing that you were there.  It’s decision time: step out of line.  It’s about making hay while the sun shines.  And all at your own volition.  Just ignore the petition of the scared, the malevolent and the weak – those who would stick in their beak to destroy your position and take pleasure at their warped leisure of the crushing of your intention and any sense of invention.   Schadenfreude the Germans say – translation is irrelevant when Yes shows the way.

Yes is the biggest plus; the get on the bus.  The big proud tick on your exercise book.  The glimpse through the looking glass; love’s lingering look.barack-obama-yes-we-can

It’s a sense of freedom.

It’s having a dream.

It’s the X on the ballot…

The enduring primal scream.

It’s the jackpot in your personal lottery – without paying a bean.

It’s everything you’ve ever wanted: everything you’ve ever seen.

Say Yes and there is no need… for permission; an umbrella on a rainy day; touching wood; fearing the good; buying a standby ticket; sticking plaster; precursor; wait for the midnight hour; bitter pill to swallow; keeping a lid on your dreams; fallback position; redress; sensible but boring; hands held just in case; camp that’s base when climbing a mountain; fingers crossed…

Or guilt.

So deep breath…

Say Yes and swell from your ribs to your chest.  Ditch those wishful scans.  Shake hands with your future plans.  It’s thumbs up positivity.  It’s everything that you can be.  There’s one less thing to pray for.  So get off your knees!  Er; please…  Render the old you obsolete.  Listen to the mood mOnly_Yes_Means_Yes_Campaignusic and move those feet. Kick the zeitgeist in the gut.  Drag old man cynical from out of his hut.  No more the sideline – the centre circle is yours; don’t open your ears to the wannabes and bores.  Squawk like a budgie on a box full of Trill.  Send all those negative vibes to the county landfill.  R.E.S.P.E.C.T – that is what it means to me… It can mean the same to you.  Here’s the blueprint for what you could do.

It’s not manifesto, diktat, fait accompli, or tract.  It’s not to be found in any flat pack.  For instructions you’ll need – such as they are – you don’t need long-distance; you won’t need to go far.  Look inside yourself and make a true pact –  for any instructions are simple matter of fact.  It’s not frugal to Google; or witter on Twitter; or invest in the trendy crap of some proprietary app.   The book to face is in its right place – you’ve only got to go and look.  To seek and find should fill your mind with the golden glow of a Yes so…

Raise your voice.

Have a choice.

It’s real.

Cop a feel.

Get out of bed.

Full steam ahead.

Grab with both hands.

Take the plunge.

Make the leap.

Keep the faith.


Who the ****’s naive!?

Don’t keep it up your sleeve.

Front up.yes

No fuss.

No bother.

No mess.

You want it, you got it – just scream out… Yes! Yes! Yes!





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