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Me and My HB…


● Single lead core.

● One bit operating system.

● Bytes – out of the end.victorian-woman-writing-letter

● Ram – anywhere.

● Rubber rewriter optional.

● Antivirus – run under a tap.

● Press hard for high definition.

● PowerPoint.

● Doodle search engine.troll

● Deface any book.

● Ultra slim case.

● Wide colour choice.

● Initial charge only.

● Renewable energy – one lump or two?

● Works with windows open or closed.

● High literacy or scribble mode.

● Print – if you like.

● Personalise with a little fluffy toy – if you must!

● Triple de-stress function – set for chew, suck or percussion.

● Use for – earwax, itching or stirring tea: at owner’s discretion only.

    (HB: This does not affect your stationery rights.)

The original laptop; mobile; computer; word processor and social media.

A pencil by any other name…

Does this make me a Pencil Case?  Or a Lead Head?  Or a Graphighter?

Ok, cleverdick – you try sticking an iPad where this little baby can go!


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