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Passion Play

 take-your-passionPassion is something you can’t escape.  PASSION is writ large.  These days it’s difficult to do anything without stumbling over this word.  There once was a time it was possible to enjoy; to love: to simply do something.  Or – heaven forbid – prior to the lifestyle explosion, occasionally pass your leisure time with a hobby: remember them?  But in a world that promulgates hysteria and hype validity is now only given to people with passion.  I like just doesn’t cut it anymore.  Where once we lived, learned; grew and developed – now we are overtly on a journey.  And the pervasive cult of journey is the presiding minister of life’s passions.  The what and where of this journey is seldom up for discussion – far easier to be blinkered to the bigger picture by a blind passion.

How could an innocuous word such as like describe what someone as special as you feel?  Far better passion – whose use has been trivialised to the point of empty throwaway vessel – to keep feeding the juggernaut of Me as centre of the universe.  The (un)reality show has seeped into our very being… producing an ongoing epidemic of self-congratulation whereby everyone is an undiscovered uber-talent.  The day job is starring in your own social media movie while slumming it on the back roads of real life – all the time waiting for the necessary passion that defines to be recognised in some way.  Quiet self-confidence is a busted flush – far better to shout it from the rooftops no matter how hollow the ring.

You see it has to be a grand passion – whether it’s auditioning for a singing contest or increasingly as part of the curse of recruitment industry buzzwords.   Logic and passion don’t always mix but here they head to the point of indoctrination: implied, acceptable behaviour or response.

Plastic passion has become a cloak for the inane of deed and word.  The romantic inclinations/associations of passion are there for a reason.  The French know only too well: French law has long had a distinction for a murder with a particular set of circumstances and motivations defined as – a crime of passion.  They recognise it as a state of mind… it’s for heightened intensity that changes behpassion-vs-careeraviour: it’s for life’s grand plateaus – those earth-moving unique moments.  Where love borders obsession; where nothing else matters.  Scarcely covers a daily trip to McDonalds , an inclination toward wearing odd socks or your governed response to be affected at a job interview does it?

Celebrate your passion and your passions for yourself but don’t accept your very real enthusiasm being hijacked for convenience or exploitation – where passion becomes a slow poison and obsession for all the wrong reasons.  That would be another crime of passion.


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