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He’s A (Rebel) Writer

dinner party guests

“Imogen… this is Gavin… he’s a writer…”

“Oh reeeally…”


“What sort of writer?”

“I’m usually described as a writer’s writer… though most people tend to deify me as a cult incarnate; an uncompromising maverick… they think I’m hewn from a unique amalgamation of styles on the margins of the acceptable… they see me as the non-conformist surfer of the anti-zeitgeist… an iconoclast who follows the pathway least trod into the dark heart of the human psyche… a sort of chosen one who walks unfettered into experience with no thought of self-preservation… living, breathing and swallowing existence with abandon so they can live the risk vicariously through me in my outbursts of anarchic prose and confrontational poetry.”

“That’s amaaaazing – have you got anything published?”

Er… no.”


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