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The Creative Dictator

London agency loft

“Hmmm, yes, absolutely… here at Mediaocre Associates we operate a holistic approach.  We’re all recognised as creatives you know.  All got our part to play…  Everybody buys into the core ethos of what we describe as – creative enablement.   Everyone from the ground up is a crucial part of the process… even the interns have a fundamental role – after all, getting the right coffee is so important.

“First comes the brief… that’s the gun that fires our creativity.  Whatever you’re experience elsewhere, you’ll certainly feel the difference here.  We usually Brianstorm first – that’s after Brian, our Media Director – aka the Conceptualiser.   All nighters were the pattern when I started, now we’re more work/life balanced.  Er, any sign of life left before the last train goes out of Waterloo and we work.  Hah!  It can be a marathon, or a sprint – you see there’s no hard and fast rule here, like some agencies.

“If you want to continue the analogy, I’m a bit like Mo Farah – a long distance creative with a fast finish.  Yes, I’m the go-to-guy for the telling phrase, the pithy call to action, the jewel in the agency’s crown – the gold medal man.

“At Mediaocre – we strive to bring ideas alivethat’s one of mine… part of the rebrand when we were amalgamated into the Creative Fume Group.  It’s more of an umbrella arrangement than full integration –  we’re completely autonomous to go on creating our unique, award winning work.

“Where was I?  Oh yes, the creative process – the Mediaocre secret.  The first meeting with the clients is when the organic magic begins.  Everyone is in on the secret – there are no barriers here.  We all pitch to each other to mimic and improve the initial process.  Once the Brianstorm has abated and we’ve kicked the crap out of each other’s conceptual bits, as it were… then the big idea goes through the whole agency for a rigorous interrogation.  It’s pure creative democracy… focus groups, consumer analytics, realisation techniques, big data, small print, qualitative deep diving ™ , idea orientation, seo and fu2: don’t ask…

“It’s defined, rejected, refined, strategised, monetised; subjected to all the due processes that the agency’s renowned expertise can bring to ensure satisfaction, both creatively on our part and of course – ultimately for  the client.

“Then finally, it all lands on my desk – squeaky bum time as Sr’Alex might say; late night quandaries; deadline looming, ticking clock, professional reputation, budget considerations, anxious clients, a major multi-million advertising campaign hanging on my say so; beads of sweat and yet another espresso… and all that… and then… well; then

“I usually toss it all away for the self-indulgent wank it is – bloody juniors today! I’d give them digital right up their, ahem er, sorry – then cobble together a few ideas which have been gathering dust in my desk all along; you know, the sort of baggage we all carry – an idea seeking its time; its moment in the sun – one that has been rejected by all those jealous pricks at all my previous agencies…

“I chuck them at Brian for a quick thumbs up, then it’s all ‘fuck’ this for a game of soldiers, a quick call to the client while Brian grabs the agency credit card and we’re off down the Marlborough for a few sherbets to recharge the old creativity for the next sucker with a big marketing budget and the urge to strive and bring ideas alive…”

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