Wonderful life on the bridge                                                                                         

Hello & Welcome…

I am a Writer, Copywriter and Editor.  I’m not about to jump from any bridges – yet every day I come to identify more and more with the character of George Bailey from It’s A Wonderful Life – and Jimmy Stewart’s other memorable cinema portrayals of the little guy.  Banks, corporations, utilities, internet providers, telephone companies, public transport franchises, airlines, recruiters, recruitment agencies, entertainment conglomerates, government organisations and departments, quangos, local district councils, retail chains, sports teams, leisure providers and all those cogs in the machine at receptions, front desks and foyers whose day we appear to disturb by merely breathing… they’ve turned us all into little guys.

Brand and communicatPottersvilleion is everything.  There are more avenues of contact – and technology renders the action easier than it’s ever been – and yet so much is meaningless, perfunctory and unnecessarily complex: designed to keep us at arm’s length and in our place while they take our money, time and will to live.

The Creative Magoo is about a writing life.   About what it means to be a Creative in this context.  About frustration and occasional victories; observation, diatribes, ranting and self-justification; language and the processes it serves – processes that are so often a means to Jimmy Stewartan end that they forget the very people they were created for.  You might – I hope – identify humour, satire, empathy, a degree of cynicism (ahem) and hopefully a perspective of common sense – who knows?  It’s just great to get it off my chest…  Enjoy the view from the bridge!

Michael White


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