Top vs Bottom

TopWhat’s the difference between the top and the bottom?

At the bottom it’s – screw this!

At the top it’s – screw you!

In the middle it’s – I’m screwed!

High Rise


Talk To Google? On Your Bike!


“Get Your Motor Runnin’ – Head Out On The Highway – Lookin’ For Adventure – And Whatever Comes Our Way…”

When does an aid become an inhibitor?

Whatever happened to spontaneity?

Is our need for control, controlling us?

Why can’t we just wait and see what happens anymore?

Is self-reliance being replaced by compliance?

Talk to Google?

Have a long serious talk to yourself first…

Microsoft Women Get The Big Heave O

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(M) an (I) n (C ) harge (R) regards (O) “OMMM” (S) atisfactory (O) bstructing (F) emale (T) alent   Only 17% of Microsoft’s engineering, technology and management staff are women.    Misogyny in computing requires only snubbing obligatory fiscal trade-offs

Blood Snorts

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“Yes, I’m a writer.  Cross me at your peril.  I don’t understand the reason for your childish display of mirth, or the signs of low intelligence and poor vocabulary.  You should be careful my friend… My words are my rapier.   I can dip my pen into a pot of creative vitriol at will.  I can… Read more.

He’s A (Rebel) Writer

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“Imogen… this is Gavin… he’s a writer…” “Oh reeeally…” “Yeh…” “What sort of writer?” “I’m usually described as a writer’s writer… though most people tend to deify me as a cult incarnate; an uncompromising maverick… they think I’m hewn from a unique amalgamation of styles on the margins of the acceptable… they see me as… Read more.

Book Squirm

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“OMG!” “Wot?!” “It’s Daniel…” “Wot?!” “He’s got a book!” “You mean…” “Yeh… He’s reading.” “I thought he had an i-phone?” “He has…” “I know he’s got an i-pad…” “Yeh… I’ve seen him wiv it on the bus…” “So why’s he reading a book?!” “I told you he’s weird…” “Freak!” “Loser!” “Jerk!” “Eeeurgh… just imagine… actually… Read more.

The Inheritance Business

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“One day son all of this will be yours… well… at least what’s left after I’ve bought a series of imported fast cars and a Harley Davidson; been discovered bribing Government officials to win a contract; carelessly manipulated our share price; subsequently received a corporate fine for involvement in an insider dealer scandal; got caught red-handed… Read more.

A Novel Idea

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“What’s my new novel called?  Well, it’s the one with the long, windy enigmatic title apropos of nothing that is cynically designed to intrigue you with its hidden depths while you’re casually browsing in Waterstones but is really just a quick cash in on similarly-titled novels that have gone on to win awards and are… Read more.

World Cup Advertising-Big Brands Park The Bus Again

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Déjà-vu is not a Brazilian midfielder… You’re far more likely to find him working in an advertising agency on behalf of major brands.  He will be the first to tell you that it’s not just football – it’s a way of life with tournament-related advertising.  It might be four years since the last World Cup… Read more.