Go Trump My Farage!

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They were scarcely Kennedy or 9/11 moments… The associations of their names – the whiff of a bad smell and the surname echoing a confused hodgepodge of meaning – are the only things to live up to expectations. But beyond the easy pickings for stand-ups and political commentators, the ramifications of the Trump Presidential and… Read more.

Give a Pigeon a Bad Name

PigeonMy town square has pigeons. They can be a nuisance: it’s in their DNA. The promise of crumbs from al fresco diners is too much for them to resist. If they do, it’s only because last night’s fast food leftovers deliver a feeding frenzy that is full fat and addictive, in a way that the subsistence peckings of pavement nouvelle cuisine are not. There’s nothing unique to add to this scene. It’s a familiar one in any town.

I was sitting with a cappuccino outside the local library as pigeons frothed around my ankles, combining the relentless optimism of cold callers with the persistence of a gentleman’s excuse me, soundtracked by Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping. An agitated member from a group of five youths strutted across the square like a cock pigeon scorned aiming indiscriminate kicks. I asked if this was really necessary and took another form of abuse: “What’s the problem… they’re only fuckin’ rats wiv wings!” His four friends laughed as the easily-impressed do. This is also depressingly familiar.

At Your Convenience…

Beyond the knee jerk animal cruelty that is routinely employed to make someone very small feel fleetingly significant, there are more malevolent forces at work. From the received wisdom of popular psychology I identified a future serial killer, then killed the thought stone dead. This group of five were simply a pin head extension of these forces; the foot soldiers, the mercenaries… forces made explicit in a way that seldom inspires anything other than grim resignation from witnesses; along with the urge to avoid getting involved that bolsters their sense of acceptable behaviour. Hand wringing in private or whispered condemnation is as far as it goes… they’re only pigeons after all; they deserve it – don’t they? It’s as if no one wants to dig too deep for fear of what they might have to confront in themselves, as much as any fear of physical intimidation.

“Life – sorry Forrest – is like a Russian doll… inside each example is another, and another, and another…”

It’s difficult for animals regardless of whether times are hard or not. When the going gets tough their tough life increases exponentially – far better than confronting our own problems and inadequacies. It’s not enough to dismiss this simply as a subset of human nature, especially when the longevity of this behaviour suggests the nurture of history. The self-justifications are many and smear their blight indiscriminately down the ages. The accusations build like pigeon droppings on a monument: they bring dirt and disease; collective menace from sheer force of numbers: their existence is an affront to our decent, civilised way of life. Or, they are just taking up space and undeserved resources; not to mention the plain nuisance value of just always being there – it’s a sub-clause from a bigot’s charter by any other name.

May the Force Forgive You…

The pigeon’s behaviour isn’t much different to that of a crow, a magpie, a seagull, a rat, a fox – or anything else that ekes a living on the margins of our economy from the nourishment of road kill, human waste and litter. Or, that of any other species effectively built, poisoned, or intensively farmed out of its own environment; that try our patience and disconnect from the natural world by the temerity of trying to survive no matter the hand they are dealt. We bring it on our selves…

Politics, the systems we live by: our behaviour, our responsibilities: these barely merit a mention in any debate. It’s all as black and white as a magpie. What is key is their success through adaptability: in contrast to our well developed inability to get through a day without a handy takeaway, alternatives to walking and a functioning mobile signal. If you need an excuse to go deep; the pigeon is part of a chain: it’s there for a reason, from a process, scientific happenstance, or a creator with a bigger plan than we have – or can possibly know.

Smoke and Mirrors…

It’s one of life’s mysteries – scarcely noir, more irredeemably black – concerning the – who, what, when, where and why of these furtive decisions on social pariah status. How did the pigeon become allocated to life’s perennial shit pile? Who conspires; or is the moral arbiter of what goes in the out tray – the Room 101 with serious consequences; of what is considered mildly unacceptable, or receives the full thumbs down wrath of indiscriminate cruelty? Why are foxes any craftier than a domestic dog? Why are pigeons intrinsically dirtier than a dove? Context, scavenging and habit aside… where are the smoke-filled rooms where these cold, calculated collations are cooked up to provide a recipe for posterity, folk tale, novel, film, playground and public policy? Or is it foolish to even attempt to use metaphors of order to explain an evolution hazy from the human stew of history, prejudice, brain chemistry and experience?

“What’s the problem… they’re only fuckin’ rats wiv wings!”

Is it in the same room – or is there another adjacent – where this branding is applied to human targets with the same disregard for resulting actions? Are these human curses and stigma the result of financial imperative, narrow self-interest, control, or a plain old streak of sadism? Whatever justifies cruelty to a pigeon is, in the same blink of an eye, an inbred relative capable of painting all Roma as crooks, immigrants as benefit scroungers and Northeners as uncultured pie-eaters – feral is as feral does. There are some more practical tools of the trade; the explicit machinery, whereby those with money and power push their own agendas in politics, the media and employment relations for economic gain, divide and rule; or because, from their exalted position in the world – they can.

When You’re Weary, Feelin’ Small…

Next time you have a bad day, feel small, take up the dark baton of human history – or whatever excuse you’re going to use when you face the mirror in the morning – and feel the urge to kick something when it’s down, remember it propagates more of the same. And, that there is often a bigger foot intent on something much more sinister, that has been threatening your backside from the day you were born.

Life – sorry Forrest – is like a Russian doll… inside each example is another, and another, and another: behind every carelessly aimed, malevolent kick there is one from the same self-perpetuating mould stretching deep back into the murky past. Which for a human being – as for a pigeon – is nothing whatsoever to coo about.

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Obese – Is fat a Fascist issue?

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“Went to Nuremberg… tried awfully hard to get up to the front to see that Mr Hitler but the place was simply brimful of the most dreadful oafs in matching brown uniforms; although one has to say their jackboots were extremely stylish, both shiny and practical in a manner that Jeremy in the local hunt could only dream of…”

I Speak Your Weight – Election Special

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TORY:  “It’s time to stand on your own two feet, pull your belt in and throw those curtains wide before six in the morning; along with the rest of the hard-working families in our country who pay their full tax contribution toward getting down the deficit.  Did I tell you me and Sam love a… Read more.

Microsoft Women Get The Big Heave O

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(M) an (I) n (C ) harge (R) regards (O) “OMMM” (S) atisfactory (O) bstructing (F) emale (T) alent   Only 17% of Microsoft’s engineering, technology and management staff are women.    Misogyny in computing requires only snubbing obligatory fiscal trade-offs

Irritable Dour Syndrome

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  Working and just managing to pay the bills is hard enough… So imagine working and not. Do not underestimate the gutlessness of a man who stays quiet. Changing the definition of poverty…er; I can’t see any.     (This is a message on behalf of all sufferers from IDS)

Social Media: Let-s (Not) Have A Debate

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The Internet is all things to all people – for better or worse: playground of psychotic beheaders, assorted fetishists, pop fans, predators and groomers, politicians and phishers, wannabes, bargain hunters, genealogists, purveyors of bland company PR puff  – and your Gran; who wants to know what the nagging pest is that’s sucking the sap on her… Read more.

Exam Results, High Hopes And Autumn Melancholy

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This time of year inevitably invokes melancholy.  For those out and about at the bookends of the September day there is a hint of chill and unpleasant things to come despite the horizontal golden sunlight that provides the rich plot.  The heightened colours that result – unlike any other season – only reinforce the feeling… Read more.

One in Seven

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We live in extremely difficult times… for some. In the monetary maelstrom that informs the current financial apocalypse talk of remedies is cheap.  It’s the action that is costly.  When all is of cuts, financial realignment, belt-tightening; hard choices and payback for the past – there is one statistic that has flown under the radar. One… Read more.

Screen Benefits

PARLIAMENTARY EXTRACT HOUSE OF COMMONS: Universal Credit Bill Debate “… Mr Speaker, I’d like to thank my honourable friend the Minister and bring to his attention a matter which although not specific to this debate has, I think, a relevance which he will be unable to deny… Further to what the honourable member had to… Read more.