Another Of Those Top Ten Lists…

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This is yet another of those TOP TEN lists… You all know the drill by now because they are de rigueur online; stylistically oppressive and ubiquitous.  Like a friendly virus. TEN is a NICE neat rOund number.  Cognitively comfortable compared to mentally unsettling maverick number NINE – where you can’t help feeling something is issing –… Read more.

Me and My HB…

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     ● Single lead core. ● One bit operating system. ● Bytes – out of the end. ● Ram – anywhere. ● Rubber rewriter optional. ● Antivirus – run under a tap. ● Press hard for high definition. ● PowerPoint. ● Doodle search engine. ● Deface any book. ● Ultra slim case. ● Wide colour… Read more.


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  Yes… The three-letter word with a dictionary of meaning. One syllable that’s fill-able without posture or preening. A positive chorus. The one-word thesaurus. Yes once said is highly contagious. It can be flippant or thoughtful; or sometime outrageous. Or convey bold intention – innately courageous. It’s the original viral.  Initiator and kindling.  Of social… Read more.