Top vs Bottom

TopWhat’s the difference between the top and the bottom?

At the bottom it’s – screw this!

At the top it’s – screw you!

In the middle it’s – I’m screwed!

High Rise


Talk To Google? On Your Bike!


“Get Your Motor Runnin’ – Head Out On The Highway – Lookin’ For Adventure – And Whatever Comes Our Way…”

When does an aid become an inhibitor?

Whatever happened to spontaneity?

Is our need for control, controlling us?

Why can’t we just wait and see what happens anymore?

Is self-reliance being replaced by compliance?

Talk to Google?

Have a long serious talk to yourself first…

From Texas to Mexico Carrying A Chainsaw

This gallery contains 3 photos.

HOW DID WE GET FROM THIS… Texas to Mexico is a short hop geographically speaking – populations separated by a matter of a few miles spanning a physical border as the crow flies…  a detached observer circling above the flood of economic migrants desperate to head to the perceived riches of the north, invasions of Spring-breakers… Read more.

In Praise Of The Enigmatic

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Are you predictable?  We all are to some extent.  Work and leisure patterns define our days: our habits ingrained for reasons of convenience or comfort.  And – on the odd precious occasions when given free choice – we impose our own relentlessly prejudicial structure or allow the underlying script aiming toward achievement to colour the opportunity…. Read more.