World Cup Advertising-Big Brands Park The Bus Again

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Déjà-vu is not a Brazilian midfielder… You’re far more likely to find him working in an advertising agency on behalf of major brands.  He will be the first to tell you that it’s not just football – it’s a way of life with tournament-related advertising.  It might be four years since the last World Cup… Read more.

McDonald-s Get Fruity On A Friday

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The brand disconnect… Brand world: Image improvement; association marketing; cognitive dissonance; disruptive message; promote responsible treating; corporate morality; healthy option; inspire consumer awareness; powerful public relations. Brand words: Virtuous, educate, respond, encourage, guilt-free, fibre, five-a-day, lifestyle, on-message, obesity, calories, fat, campaign, lead, co-operate, change, positive, friend, partnership, listen. Real world: “Euurgh!!!  Wot’s that!?  I want my… Read more.

How To Insult Your Audience And Get Away With It

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Everyone working in a creative industry knows the feeling at some time… the client who doesn’t get it; or if they do – wants it done their way no matter what.  Whose idea of partnership it seems is to be deliberately obstructive to prove a point; who will not relinquish any semblance of control to the… Read more.

Between Love And Madness…

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Perfume is a product to sell via advertising much like any other.  However, it also brings special challenges that make it a process with unique propositions and creative opportunities.  It’s a demanding task matching the intangible to the indefinable in the pursuit of the illusionary.  That so much hasn’t risen to these demands is both evidence of the… Read more.

Andrex Strikes A Bum Note

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Not content with showing us their puppies Andrex is getting down to the nitty-gritty of dietary fibre and how the nation wipes.  The latest attempt to inveigle brand awareness into the last few nooks and crannies of everyday life that remain untouched is ultimately a non-(t)issue of false hysteria. The numbest of bum steers. Showing… Read more.

Advertising So Much Bad Poetry

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Some consider advertising a trick to be learnt.  The more charitable would allow that at its best it attains the level of a craft.  There’s certainly an art to it – but it’s not an art form and any number of self-regarding award ceremonies won’t change that.  Advertising gathers the superficialities of other mediums like… Read more.

ALDI and the serial killer

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One of the biggest challenges for any copywriter is to produce a long-running series of ads yet maintain quality, provide occasional surprises; all the while remaining convincingly on message for the benefit of client and campaign alike.  As with all things that are done well – the overtly simple methodology and creative framework that informs the work… Read more.

Still Keeping Calm?

UBIQUITOUS, insidious; uplifting or invidious – whatever your take on the doctrine of the Zen Master of the high street gift shop you can’t deny the quiet power of the message or its ability to delight and infuriate in equal measure.  It’s a bona fide phenomenon that harks back to a simpler time when the… Read more.