Banking On A Bonus


Pensioners… the Disabled… Single Mothers… War Widows…  Minimum Wage Earners… Immigrants… Nurses… Hard Working Families…”

“What’s up Quentin?  You seem rather preoccupied?”


“Just then… reciting something to yourself…”

“Sorry Nigel… I’ve just had a simply awful thought…”

“My god man – what is it?!”

“When we screw up again in the new year… who the hell is going to bail us out this time?!!!”


Bank Crisis? What Crisis?

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    “Gee Honey – where the hell is that ol’ Barclays Casino they’re all talkin’ about?!”     “Mummy, when I grow up I want to play banking for England.” “Ladies and gentlemen as the result of extraordinary circumstances we are today able to offer for sale – the BOB Diamond.   It’s an exceptionally hard, somewhat opaque stone which obscures… Read more.

Yes; I Am A Banker – Part Two

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THERE was silence – apart from a few distant, random shrieks: desperate cries that local legend dictated came from what had been known as the Square Mile.  Truth or fiction… neither of us flinched: one lesson quickly learned by all who remained alive was to ignore what didn’t directly concern you.  After the initial bank… Read more.

Yes; I Am A Banker

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London: 03 July 2070… IT had been a long time since I had been in London.  The long decades of riots and acute unrest had given way to a sinister stand-off.  Concerted mass action was slowly replaced by vicious personal attacks as remaining citizens sought to keep their hand in while waiting to see which direction the… Read more.