The Like Virus

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 As if the austerity cuts, frequent storms, seasonal stress factors and the crisis in A&E have not produced enough of a strain on the populace of Britain… a government spokesman has identified the rise of an insidious epidemic among the young that threatens to spread unchecked to other defining social groups and demographics. The so-called… Read more.

Social Media: Let-s (Not) Have A Debate

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The Internet is all things to all people – for better or worse: playground of psychotic beheaders, assorted fetishists, pop fans, predators and groomers, politicians and phishers, wannabes, bargain hunters, genealogists, purveyors of bland company PR puff  – and your Gran; who wants to know what the nagging pest is that’s sucking the sap on her… Read more.

Someone-s Having A Bad Day!

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There you were – just being polite… making conversation; showing an interest – passing the time… But you never expected that – did you?  I’m sorry I only asked…  “You going on another adventure holiday this year?” “A holiday?!  An adventure?!  You’re serious – right?!  Adventure?  What adventure?!   There’s nothing left.  There are no secret… Read more.

The Three Salty Pillars Of Our Vocabulary

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IF the currency of communication was distilled down into its base(st) elements then three words/phrases would comfortably vie for the dubious distinction of podium positions.  If these three pillars of contemporary wisdom – incorporating commonality, curse, communion, confrontation and conversational comfort blanket – were committed to an instructional Government poster they could be hung on… Read more.


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                         The First Line Of Defence “Good Morning – Clarke, Clarke, Clarke, Clarke and Wilson Associates.” “Ah, good morning – this is Phil Johnson of Onetech – could I have a word with Mr Clarke please?” “Good morning Mr Johnson – excuse me, but is that senior or junior?”  “I’m not sure… John Clarke?” “John senior or Jon… Read more.


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 The First Line Of Defence “You’ve reached Gavin’s Indomitable Adrenaline Junkies Ltd – High Octane Events and Unrelenting Adventure Guaranteed: Invigorating Red Letter Days and White Knuckle Experiences our speciality –  Gavin’s: where the action never stops and the mundane is profane (cut) …  Hel-lo – welcome to Gavin’s, your through to Suzie this morning: how can we help to extend… Read more.