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It’s Launch Night!

In a special first scheduled evening of programmes we present collaborations in association with our friends at Yesterday, Channel Four, Channel 5, Sky 1, The BBC, The History Channel, Dave and ITV

1.00pm:  The Nazis: A Warning From History

2.00pm:  BLONDI – A Dog For A Fϋhrer with Paul O’Grady

The story of ONE megaloMANiac and his DOG…

Adolf Hitler

2.30pm:  Eva’s Beauty Secrets

Advice for the palest of frauleins in avoiding the effects of propaganda and total war on your complexion…

2.40pm:  Ice Road Panzers

An Operation Barbarossa edition containing all the thrills and spills of the Russian winter…

3.35 pm:  The Nazis: Another Warning From History

4.35pm:  Container Wars

Priceless Russian Icons for Goebbels or Vatican secret stash? Bidding starts from the docks at Buenos Aires…

5.00pm:  Eva’s Beauty Secrets

Eva and Hitler

Berghof Beautiful: The health benefits of mountain retreats and sadomasochistic sex…

5.10 pm:  The Nazis: Yet Another Warning From History

6.10 pm:  Nazis On Benefits And Over Here!

What could have happened followed by a lively studio debate…

7.40 pm:  Eva’s Beauty Secrets

Eva Braun in swimsuit

Keeping your skin moist whilst living in a bunker…

7.50pm:  Embarrassing Bodies

Dr Christian asks the questions: Did Hitler really only have one ball? What was all that shouting about? And was he truly the ultimate incarnation of evil or mad as a box of frogs because no one liked his paintings?

8.50pm:  The Nazis: A Further Warning From History

9.50pm:  F*** Off!  I’m A National Socialist, Bigoted,  Racist, Fat and Proud! 

Obese – Is fat a Fascist issue?

10.50pm:  Ross Kemp’s Extreme World

On the trail of the trails of the old Nazis: Ross Kemp is granted another dangerous rendezvous and makes a hasty exit as the old Nazis get feisty…

11.50pm:  Horst Wessel Knew My Mum

The Nazis in popular song…

12.20am:  What Heidi Did Next With A Beer Stein

Beer Steins

The original 18-30 holidays:  Hitler Youth and the Oktoberfests in Munich – tales of sauerkraut, hiding the sausage and a good old blitzkrieg in the beer halls…

1.00am:  Stand Up For The Nuremberg Comedy Club

Celebrate the dumkopf in you : “One day Hitler walked into the Reichstag…”

2.30am:  Carry On Up The Brandenburg Gate!”

Our late movie is an unseen classic from the Carry On series:

“Mein Kampf?  MeOoo I should say so duckie! Get you and yer totalitarianism!”

3.00am:  A Conversation At Closedown

Historian David Irving reconsiders on a theme: “Now that Adolf Hitler – he wasn’t such a bad chap…”



Pre Subscription Advice:

Please note: Programmes to be repeated for a longer period than the Third Reich was intended – or lasted…

JACKBOOT! for the darkness within…

NEW on Freeview 666 



The Mitford Diaries: The Original Blog… 

“Went to Nuremberg… tried awfully hard to get up to the front to see that Mr Hitler but the place was simply brimful of the most dreadful oafs in matching brown uniforms; although one has to say their jackboots were extremely stylish, both shiny and practical in a manner that Jeremy in the local hunt could only dream of…”