Ok Commuter – Journey/Arrival

This gallery contains 4 photos.

The train lurches toward London with what passes for acceleration.  Tracks that betray their age connect the outposts of the stockbroker belt and the prosaic clusters of the advancing new estates of South London to a common purpose.  Suburban stations of brief encounter and high rise halts that scream functionality sweep by in a mishmash of… Read more.

Ok Commuter – Departure

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  It’s a daily numbers game – a balance of timing and logistics.  It’s 6.40 for the 6.48.  Fall back position is on the 7.07.  God forbid it’s the 7.14…  Wait any longer and the equation usually includes leaves; snow; signal failure – or suicide.  Two God-given, one man-made and the other a public/private initiative…. Read more.

Of Grand Designs And Crystal Balls…

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Scene One… I have a symbiotic relationship with white van men.  As soon as I leave an institution: school, art college, university; or an employer – be they big or small, agency or creative department – the builders move in.  Brick dust, stewed teabags, Polish small talk and eventually the latest sciatica-inducing exercise in angularity from Ikea… Read more.