Microsoft Women Get The Big Heave O

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(M) an (I) n (C ) harge (R) regards (O) “OMMM” (S) atisfactory (O) bstructing (F) emale (T) alent   Only 17% of Microsoft’s engineering, technology and management staff are women.    Misogyny in computing requires only snubbing obligatory fiscal trade-offs

Book Squirm

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“OMG!” “Wot?!” “It’s Daniel…” “Wot?!” “He’s got a book!” “You mean…” “Yeh… He’s reading.” “I thought he had an i-phone?” “He has…” “I know he’s got an i-pad…” “Yeh… I’ve seen him wiv it on the bus…” “So why’s he reading a book?!” “I told you he’s weird…” “Freak!” “Loser!” “Jerk!” “Eeeurgh… just imagine… actually… Read more.

Someone-s Having A Bad Day!

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There you were – just being polite… making conversation; showing an interest – passing the time… But you never expected that – did you?  I’m sorry I only asked…  “You going on another adventure holiday this year?” “A holiday?!  An adventure?!  You’re serious – right?!  Adventure?  What adventure?!   There’s nothing left.  There are no secret… Read more.

Ghost in the Machine -Christmas Special

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Thought of the day:  Remember that the copy in copywriter isn’t a literal instruction.  Oh, and a copywriter isn’t just for (the) Christmas (rush) but the rest of the year as well.  That’s two thoughts but then if maths was my strong point I wouldn’t be here. While staring at a blank screen…  Poisoned chalice–… Read more.