Am I A Brand?

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Do you see yourself as a brand?  A neatly packaged product tailored for public consumption.  An objectified individual subject to the same processes of definition, simplification, promotion, enhancement, projection and – if necessary – damage limitation as applied to anything from a new shampoo to a more complex financial product. Oh how we laughed when… Read more.


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                         The First Line Of Defence “Good Morning – Clarke, Clarke, Clarke, Clarke and Wilson Associates.” “Ah, good morning – this is Phil Johnson of Onetech – could I have a word with Mr Clarke please?” “Good morning Mr Johnson – excuse me, but is that senior or junior?”  “I’m not sure… John Clarke?” “John senior or Jon… Read more.


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 The First Line Of Defence “You’ve reached Gavin’s Indomitable Adrenaline Junkies Ltd – High Octane Events and Unrelenting Adventure Guaranteed: Invigorating Red Letter Days and White Knuckle Experiences our speciality –  Gavin’s: where the action never stops and the mundane is profane (cut) …  Hel-lo – welcome to Gavin’s, your through to Suzie this morning: how can we help to extend… Read more.